Congratulations Shanghai Zeal Trading CO.,LTD.website fini-shed.
    My company is a professional personal care raw materials,
    auxiliary materials to pro-mote and sell the company.
    Welcome to the new and old customers to guide and dis-cuss business.

           Add:Room 401,Building 7,No.333,Gui Ping Road, Xu Hui District,Shanghai


    Shanghai Zeal Trading Co.,Ltd. Is a professional company in dealing with the mat erials for cosmetics and personal care products. Since established in 1999, we have been focused on offering raw materials of high-quality, and gained long-term cooperation with hundreds of company in and abroad. We have wined the high reputation through our 6 years effort,becoming one of the leading companies in this field in China.Besides the headquarter in Shanghai,we have established the branch in Guangzhou,then our business spread all over the country.
    Our company operates under a modern management system. Also, an application lab with experienced chemists/engineer to provide formulary service to customers. Still more,we pass the lastest information to you by holding a meeting together with our supplier.

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